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Move from HTTP to HTTPS #

Finally migrated the site from HTTP to HTTPS. At the moment, HTTP requests are being redirected to HTTPS to avoid the duplicate content problem. However, since this breaks compatibility with older browsers (e.g., IE6/XP and Blazer/Palm OS) and moderately impacts performance, I may be forced to enable both HTTP and HTTPS, working around the duplicate content issue with canonical links or something. In the meantime, please let me know (miles at tinyapps dot org) if you run into any trouble as a result of the migration.

More to follow later this week, including a walk-through of the SSL setup process and an end to the password-protected downloads directory. (On a related note, the RSS 2.0 feed has been renamed and redirected from index.rss20 to index.rss - please pardon the slight (=~ 3 year) wait Seth!)

/misc | Nov 23, 2014

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