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Removing simple watermarks from images #

  1. Open image in SnagIt
  2. Colors > Color Substitution...
  3. Use the dropper next to "Old color:" to select watermark color
  4. Click box next to "New color:" to select replacement color (generally this would be the background color)
  5. Goodbye watermark!
Does anyone have a method using free or open source tools?
UPDATE: CyberDoc and Mike Mills kindly recommended the freeware PhotoFiltre (installer-free version available), which worked every bit as well as SnagIt. It's as simple as clicking Adjust > Replace color and using the droppers to select. Initially, most menu items were grayed out for the GIF I had opened, but Mike informed me of the solution: Image > Mode > RGB color. Thanks to you both!

/windows | Apr 12, 2009

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