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Computing like it's 1989 #

Zach Perry kindly informs us of his recently launched Alternative Electronic Information Network (AEIN), a fee-based BBS that requires a proprietary Windows or DeskMate app to access. Normally such a service would not be mentioned in this space (especially with free and open options like Uncensored available), but the retro ANSI art and whimsical list of free additional benefits (DOS/Windows tech support by email, smoke alarm batteries, camera and computer parts, tree planting donation, etc) tipped the scales. Excuse me while I go grab a copy of TheDraw.

UPDATE: Just noticed this announcement on the homepage a week later:
The AEIN is now transitioning to a free service. Members who purchased paid memberships will retain the benefits promised at the time they signed up. New users can click here to download the AEIN software. All extra benefits have been eliminated for new members, but users can still access a wide range of ad-free content; news, weather, recipes, reviews, computer tips, world time, technical information, etc. New development has come to an end, although news and weather updates will continue.

/windows | Mar 22, 2010

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