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Tiny web server with uploading support #

Quoted/paraphrased from the app's homepage:
Geoff's Web Server is a small (40k) web server that doesn't need any special rights, drivers, services etc. and needs no configuration for normal use. When run, it will generate an ini file which can be edited to enable logging, throttling, and uploading. Nothing is stored in the registry or external directories.

Geoff's Web Server only supports the HTTP GET command to download files, and the POST command for uploading. There is NO SECURITY WHATSOEVER. Only the bare minimum of HTTP headers are used.
Somewhat troubling:
  1. Source code is not available
  2. Author quote: "I wouldn't really recommend this but, I've been running this live on the Internet for a couple of weeks now and haven't yet been hacked. Though a few have tried."
Despite these concerns, some users may find it handy on the LAN, especially for transferring files between devices in a cross-platform environment.

/windows | Mar 20, 2011

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