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Acronis True Image 2011 Problems and Fixes #

  1. Cloned a 120GB PATA hard drive to a 320GB PATA hard drive. Both were connected via PATA to USB adapters (the source drive was connected via WiebeTech's write-blocking Forensic UltraDock to ensure it wasn't accidentally overwritten).
  2. After cloning, the 320GB drive was connected to the primary IDE channel
  3. Upon booting, flashing white cursor on black screen
  4. Checked jumper, EIDE cable, etc - still wouldn't boot
  5. Ran fixboot and fixmbr from CD-based Windows XP Recovery Console - still no joy
  6. Tried a "reverse clone" (bad name choice); i.e., connect source PATA drive to USB adapter and destination PATA drive to EIDE cable, then clone again - success!
  7. Video card settings also needed tweaking, as the graphics were black & yellow and virtually unreadable:
    1. Pressed F11 at the boot choice menu and entered "quiet acpi=off noapic" (without quotes) to no avail
    2. 3836: Acronis Bootable Media of Acronis True Image Home Boots into Garbled or Low Resolution GUI held the answer: after pressing F11, enter "vga=ask" (without quotes). Choose a video mode with 16-bit color and at the root prompt enter /bin/product to start True Image.

/windows | Oct 16, 2011

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