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Four newly-listed apps #

Mohan kindly sends word of vTask Studio's tiny freeware apps. WhatChanged was mentioned back in '06 (when it still had a space between "What" and "Changed", and before the wise company name change from "Vista Software" to "vTask Studio").

Green Award QwikMark 0.4 [84k]+ Benchmarks CPU speed, FLOPS, memory bandwidth, and disk transfer. Also provides CPU details, instruction set, and more.  Screenshot
Green Award TinyTask 1.45 [32k]+ Record and playback mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes for automating repetitive tasks.  Screenshot
Green Award TyperTask 1.16 [52k]+ Text expander for inserting frequently-used snippets of text. Includes advanced automation features like program launching, window activation, delays, and mouse clicks.  Screenshot
Green Award WhatChanged 1.07 [96k]+ Takes before and after snapshots of filesystem and registry for tracking installers, etc.  Screenshot

/windows | Jan 10, 2012

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