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Native Windows versions of *nix apps #

Gow (Gnu On Windows) is a collection of 130 *nix applications compiled as native win32 binaries. While similar to The Berkeley Utilities for DOS, Gow has the advantage of being open source and offering a much larger collection:
agrep, ansi2knr, basename, bash, bc, bison, bunzip2, bzip2, bzip2recover, cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, cksum, cmp, comm, compress, cp, csplit, curl, cut, cvs, dc, dd, df, diff, diff3, dircolors, dirname, dos2unix, du, egrep, env, expand, expr, factor, fgrep, flex, fmt, fold, fsplit, gawk, gclip, gow, gplay, grep, gsar, gunzip, gzip, head, id, indent, install, join, jwhois, less, lesskey, ln, logname, ls, m4, make, md5sum, mkdir, mkfifo, mknod, mv, mvdir, ncftp, nl, od, pageant, paste, patch, pathchk, pclip, plink, pr, printenv, printf, pscp, psftp, putty, puttygen, pwd, recode, rm, rman, rmdir, rsync, scp, sdiff, sed, seq, sftp, sh, shar, sleep, sort, split, stego, su, sum, sync, tac, tail, tar, tee, test, touch, tr, type, uname, unexpand, uniq, unix2dos, unrar, unshar, unzip, uudecode, vim, wc, wget, whereis, which, whoami, xargs, yes, zcat, zip.
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/windows | Jun 08, 2012

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