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Windows 8.1 Preview - Start Menu still not fixed #

When Microsoft said they were bringing back the Start Menu in 8.1, there was much rejoicing. Sadly, the celebration was premature; unlike every Start Menu from Windows 95 to 7, this one doesn't work. Left clicking it merely takes you back to the infuriating "Start" page (formerly known as "Metro" or something). Right clicking it gives an array of choices that will confuse most users: Event Viewer, System, Disk Management, Windows PowerShell, Windows PowerShell (Admin), etc. (though blessedly there is a "Shut down" option now). The Start8 guys won't have much to worry about; they've released a beta version compatible with 8.1 Preview.

On a related note, to bypass the "Connect this PC to your Microsoft account" prompt during setup, either disconnect your network connection before installing or enter a fake address and password then click "create a local account now" when prompted. (via Infobyte)

/windows | Jun 28, 2013

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