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tinyapps.org cataloged tiny, well-made software for ages. At present, it serves mainly as an occasional tech blog.

What is a tiny app?

As defined by this website, a tiny app (application) is software weighing 1.44MB or less. This ranges from the miniscule Tiny IDEA (a mere 448 bytes), to the awe-inspiring QNX demo disk (which pretty much fills a floppy).

To qualify, a program must:

  1. Not exceed 1.44mb
  2. Not be adware
  3. Not require the VB/MFC/.NET runtimes (see DLL & dependency horrors). Also, preference is given to apps which are 100% self-contained, requiring no installation, registry changes, etc.
  4. Preferably be free, and ideally offer source code. Shareware will only be listed if there is no freeware alternative.

Why are the download archives password-protected?

Several well-intentioned but hopelessly flawed antivirus services were reporting this site as dangerous after their automated scans flagged legitimate sysadmin tools like Atomic Web Server and X-Pass. Encrypting the archives (hopefully) avoids this problem. Formerly, the entire downloads directory was protected via basic access authorization, but a compelling argument was made to protect the files instead.

What is the password?


How can I verify a downloaded file?

Downloads are now hosted by Neocities. Files can be checked against their SHA-256 hashes found on the locally-hosted downloads index page thusly:

Operating System Terminal Command
GNU/Linux sha256sum filename
OpenBSD sha256 filename
OS X / macOS shasum -a 256 filename
Windows certutil -hashfile filename SHA256

Gah! The white background is burning my retinas!

(OK, not really a question...) Enable dark mode on your device to enjoy a gentler color scheme through the the magic of CSS.

What is your email address?

mail at tinyapps dot org

How about adding a "Recent Updates" page?

That function is now served through the blog, which can be subscribed to via RSS.

What is RSS?

RSS allows you to subscribe to the blog using a feed reader like Miniflux or Firefox (via Live Bookmarks). More information on Real Simple Syndication can be found here or in this short video.

Do I need to type WWW.tinyapps.org?


Who is behind tinyapps.org?

Miles Wolbe, an itinerant tech on Maui.

What is the single most helpful thing I can do for myself, my fellow beings, and the planet?

Go vegan.

Do you have a disclaimer statement?

Yes. You are 100% responsible for your own actions. Using this site, visiting a link, downloading a program, in short, living, is done entirely at your own risk (and joy).

Are these really frequently asked?

No. (Well, with the exception of the "Recent Updates" question - that one used to get asked a fair bit.)



last update: 2022.12.26