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Logging Print Jobs in Windows #

I use a Brother MPrint MW140BT in the field (though not in conditions quite so harsh as these), and wanted a simple way to track the total number of print jobs sent to it. I found the following line in the Event Viewer / System log:
Document 2, Intuit owned by Administrator was printed on Brother MW-140BT via port USB001. Size in bytes: 0; pages printed: 1
but it didn't help much until I came across SysInternals' PsLogList, which is able to count the number of occurrences (in this case starting from the date I changed the paper cartridge) like so:
psloglist -a 01/31/08 | find "printed on Brother MW-140BT" /c
Another possibility (which I haven't looked into) is Karen's open source Print Logger.

/windows | Aug 09, 2008

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