Vincent Stahl kindly wrote in to share his open source Swiss File Knife File Tree Processor:
"This tool is a collection of tiny applications itself: grep, tree size list, instant ftp server, text line filter, text replace, duplicate file finder, split/join files, create md5 lists, run command on many files, extract strings, and more- all in one executable still matching your size limit (below 1.4 MB). It has no installer, no dependencies, needs no DLL's - nothing, just type 'sfk' to get the overview of all available subcommands."
Besides Windows, binaries are available for Ubuntu, DSL, and OS X. Here are just a few of the many possible uses:

sfk list -late -hiddenList latest (i.e., most recent) 50 files in current directory and subdirectories, including system and hidden files
sfk stat . -bytesDisplay current directory tree size statistics in bytes
sfk find -text . epictetusSearch text files in current directory and subdirectories for "epictetus" (case insensitive)
sfk ftpserv -port=21 -rwSimple FTP server, providing read/write access to current directory
sfk ftp example.com:21 get fooConnect via FTP to port 21 of example.com and get foo
sfk httpserv -port=80Instant HTTP server, providing access to current directory
sfk deblank . -yesReplace blanks in filenames within current directory and subdirectories with underscore (run without "-yes" to simulate)
sfk md5 foo.txtGenerate MD5 hash of foo.txt
sfk dupfind .Find duplicate files in current directory and subdirectories

/misc | Sep 20, 2009

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