Installing CHDK on a Canon PowerShot A540 #

The installation instructions found on the wiki and within the Autobuild CHDK download did not work for my PowerShot A540, but this did:
  1. Plug SD card into card reader and card reader into Windows-based computer
  2. Download CardTricks from
  3. Launch CardTricks (screenshot of the following steps)
    1. Click SD card icon and browse to correct drive letter
    2. Format as FAT (SD card will be erased; make sure to backup any files)
    3. Make Bootable
    4. Download CHDK
    5. CHDK->Card
  4. Unmount SD card and flip write protect switch to on (photos will continue to be written to the card just the same)
  5. Make sure camera is off and insert SD card
  6. Put camera into playback mode (i.e., move Mode Switch from red camera icon to blue playback icon) and turn it on
  7. Print/Share button flashes blue, and CHDK splash screen appears on LCD
  8. To access CHDK features, press the Print/Share button (which serves as the ALT button) followed by the Menu button. See also: What are the key settings and shortcuts?

/misc | Nov 07, 2009

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