Create a universal Windows 7 install disc #

UPDATE: See Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 convenience rollup into a universal x86/x64 installer.

Setting aside the absurdity of offering a confusing array of editions, Microsoft made technicians' jobs slightly easier by including all editions of Vista (Home Premium, Ultimate, etc) on a single 32 or 64 bit disc (though both versions can apparently be combined with a bit of effort). This allowed techs to carry one or two discs at most and still be able to install whatever edition was required. Windows 7 changes all that; while the various and sundry editions are all tantalizingly included on the disc, a tiny configuration file (ei.cfg) forces a specific edition to be installed. Thankfully, Kai Liu has created win7utils to circumvent this irritation:

(via Mike Mills who found it on Lifehacker which credited Technibble which attributed the link to a forum member named AtYourService - whew!)

/windows | Jan 03, 2010

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