Unpack / extract .MSI file contents #

MSI Unpacker extracts files from .MSI installer packages. I used it (along with Universal Extractor) to unpack the Debugging Tools for Windows (required for using Crash Reporter in ERD Commander 2005) as follows:
  1. Downloaded dbg_x86_6.7.05.1.exe
  2. Dropped dbg_x86_6.7.05.1.exe onto UniExtract.exe, which extracted dbg_x86.msi
  3. Dropped dbg_x86.msi onto MSIUnPack.vbs, which extracted the entire Debugging Tools for Windows directory
(Note: While UniExtract does have limited MSI support, it was unable to unpack dbg_x86.msi.)

/windows | Apr 07, 2010

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