Transfer large files directly between computers on the Net #

There are a number of free, third-party solutions for transferring files directly from computer A to computer B across the Internet: However, these services have several issues: Here is a quick and easy alternative for Mac users which involves no signups or third parties:
  1. On server: System Preferences > Sharing > check "Remote Login"
  2. On server router: Forward port 22 to server
  3. On client: Use a SFTP client (either the included CLI sftp or a GUI-based app like Transmit, CyberDuck, YummyFTP, etc) to connect to the external IP address of the server - instant file sharing!
Opening ports and enabling services can expose your network to additional risk. See also: Hardening SSH and Mounting Remote Filesystem in OS X Finder via SSHFS.

/mac | Apr 28, 2010

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