Generate wordlists with crunch #

$ wget
$ tar -xvf crunch2.4.tgz
$ cd crunch

-bash: cd: crunch: Permission denied

Let's check the file permissions:

$ stat -c %a crunch

Ah! Just need to fix that:

$ chmod 755 crunch
$ cd crunch
$ make

Now we're ready to generate our list. In this example, we'll make a list consisting of every possible combination of 3 letters (both upper and lower case) followed by 2 numbers:

$ ./crunch 5 5 -f charset.lst mixalpha -o list -t @@@%%

Even though we've specified mixalpha as the character set, crunch replaces the percent symbols with numbers. This 80MB, 14060800-line list only took crunch 5 seconds to generate.

/nix | Jun 13, 2010

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