iCal: Copy or move all events from one calendar to another #

This old tip from Apple (Exporting and importing iCal information) has gone missing from their servers. It still works a treat today for copying or moving all events from one calendar to another:
  1. Select source calendar in the Calendar List > File > Export > Export > Save ICS file > Delete original calendar if desired
  2. Double click ICS file > Select a destination calendar > OK
For those who prefer a scripted solution, Moving events from one iCal calendar to another presents two approaches, the first from red_menace:
    tell application "iCal"
        repeat with anEvent in (get events of calendar "A")
            move anEvent to (end of events of calendar "B")
        end repeat
    end tell

and the second from hubionmac:

    tell application "iCal"
        set allEvents to events of calendar "A"
        repeat with theEvent in allEvents
            copy theEvent to end of events of calendar "B"
            delete theEvent
        end repeat
    end tell

/mac | Oct 14, 2012

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