TrueCrypt and exFAT #

These steps outline how to encrypt an entire external USB hard drive with TrueCrypt 7.1a and setup the filesystem as exFAT (for large file and read/write support under modern versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux). ANY EXISTING DATA ON THE USB DRIVE WILL BE DELETED!! Use at your own risk (and joy). Tested under Windows 8.1.
  1. Run diskmgmt.msc
  2. Delete any volumes on the USB drive so that the entire disk is shown as "Unallocated"
  3. TrueCrypt > Tools > Volume Creation Wizard > Encrypt a non-system partition/drive > follow the wizard through setting up desired password/keyfile
  4. Set Filesystem to none
  5. Click Format (after moving the mouse as instructed to increase entropy)
  6. Read warning and click Yes if you agree
  7. Wait for the encryption process to complete
  8. Mount the device in TrueCrypt (Select Device... > click on your encrypted drive > OK > click desired drive letter > click Mount > enter credentials > OK)
  9. From an elevated command prompt, run: format <drive letter>: /fs:exfat /q

Thanks to Rowan's blog post and Cal's attached comment.

/windows | Sep 29, 2014

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