Find out what process changed a registry key or value #

Process Monitor (and the deprecated RegMon) is swell for live monitoring of registry activity, but, if run for long periods, it will saturate the page file and stop capturing data.

In order to track down which process kept (vexingly) changing a registry value once or twice a day, Windows' built-in registry auditing was used:

  1. C:\>auditpol /set /subcategory:"Registry" /success:enable
  2. In regedit, right click key to monitor then click "Permissions..."
  3. "Advanced" > "Auditing" > "Add..."
  4. Everyone > OK > check both boxes to right of "Set Value" > OK x3
  5. Any value changes will be recorded to Windows Logs\Security in the Event Viewer, including the guilty process name

/windows | Sep 17, 2015

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