Windows Update stuck "Checking for updates..." / Error 0x80070005 #

TL;DR: WSUS Offline Update solved the problem*.

Windows Update was stuck overnight "Checking for updates..." on a virtually brand new, clean Windows 7 install. Tried the following:

  1. Reset Windows Update Agent - "This Script allow reset the Windows Update Agent resolving issues with Windows Update." Runs under XP - 10. Last updated Feb 29, 2016. Did not resolve issue.
  2. Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues - "This troubleshooter will detect and solve Windows update issues automatically." Did not resolve issue, but reported an unresolved "error 0x80070005".
  3. Error 0x80070005 in Windows Update when you try to install updates - Uses a batch script and SubInACL to repair file and registry permissions. More information. Did not resolve issue.
  4. 0x80070005 – Fix for Windows - Several suggestions, none of which resolved the issue.
  5. Repair or reinstall Windows Update - Massive collection of potential fixes, including WSUS Offline Update, which resolved the issue and fixed Windows Update.

Wish I had found this first - exact same issue and resolution: Windows 7: How I Solved the Infinite 'Checking for Updates' Hell.... More suggestions: Windows 7 SP1 Windows Update stuck checking for updates.

* If WSUS Offline Update gets stuck at Listing ids of missing updates (please be patient, this will take a while)..., open a second elevated command prompt and run net stop wuauserv.

UPDATE: Here is another protocol reported by good1dave to work reliably as of January 2017:

  1. Set Windows Update to "Never check for updates (not recommended)" then restart
  2. Install KB3020369 then restart
  3. Install KB3125574 then restart (If using an image from around May 2016 or later for the install, you may skip KB3125574.)
  4. Install KB3138612 then restart
  5. Install KB3145739 then restart
  6. Install the latest cumulative monthly rollup (e.g., January 2017 (KB3212646)) then restart
  7. Optionally, run WSUS Offline Updater until no new updates are found.
  8. Check for updates through Windows Update normally

Don't forget to reenable automatic Windows Update checks.

/windows | Apr 06, 2016

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