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Saving RealAudio streams and extracting audio without RealPlayer #

  1. Save audio.rm to stream.dump:
    $ mplayer -dumpstream -bandwidth 20000000 -cache 30000 -noframedrop rtsp://example.com/audio.rm

  2. Direct audio output of stream.dump to audiodump.wav:
    $ mplayer -ao pcm stream.dump


Wikipedia entry on RealAudio file extensions:

RealAudio files were originally identified by a filename extension of .ra (for Real Audio). In 1997, RealNetworks also began offering a video format called RealVideo. The combination of the audio and video formats was called RealMedia and used the file extension .rm. However, the latest version of RealProducer, Real's flagship encoder, reverted to using .ra for audio-only files, and began using .rv for video files (with or without audio), and .rmvb for VBR video files. The .ram (Real Audio Metadata) and .smil (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) file formats are sometimes encountered as links from web pages (see Streaming Audio section below).

/nix | Jun 17, 2018

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