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Add SRT subtitles to DVD / VIDEO_TS without re-encoding #


  1. Rip DVD to VIDEO_TS

  2. Losslessly convert and merge desired VOBs in VIDEO_TS to a single MPG1 via VOB2MPG or ffmpeg, e.g.,
    ffmpeg -i 'concat:VTS_01_1.VOB|VTS_01_2.VOB|VTS_01_3.VOB' -acodec copy -vcodec copy combined.mpg

  3. Run DVDStyler and select new project options (e.g., DVD-9 (8.5GB), NTSC 720x480, AC3, etc) > OK > No template

  4. File browser > drag MPG created in step 1 to the Titleset Manager at the bottom of the program window

  5. Right click "Menu 1" in the Titleset Manager > Delete > Yes

  6. Right click "Title 1" in the Titleset Manager > Properties...

    1. Verify that video and audio are set to "Copy" and that "do not remultiplex/transcode" is checked

    2. Delete "call last menu;" from "Post commands:"2

    3. Click the green plus symbol > select your SRT file3 > Open

    4. Click the ... button next to "Subtitle: srt"

    5. Select desired font face/size (the default 28pt Arial worked best, but there are many fans of PT Sans Narrow Bold) and fill color (light gray was more pleasing than the default yellow) > OK > OK

  7. File > Burn DVD... > select "just generate" to create new VIDEO_TS with subtitles > Start


  1. Merely concatenating VOBs via VOBMerge or cat *.vob > merged.vob resulted in problems with the playback timeline and location. See VOB files reporting wrong playing time and DVDVob2Mpg's homepage. The latter states in part, "VOB and VRO files contain the MPEG, but also various other data, and headers may be incomplete or wrong etc. Because of that, VOB and VRO files typically don't play well using media players ... Typical problems are: timing issues, not being able to show the progress properly, no way to skip forward, crashes, missing audio, audio off sync, only showing the first 5 seconds of the video etc."

  2. To resolve "Cannot jump to menu" error.

  3. Had to resave SRT in Notepad with UTF-8 encoding to resolve "Error 42 -- Illegal byte sequence -- decoding subtitle file at approx line..."

Alternate methods utilizing SubtitleCreator

/misc | Jun 28, 2018

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