Native Windows NT 3.51 apps that still run under Windows 10 #

The author of Running DOS Apps on Windows (HN thread) has tested and uploaded a number of standalone EXEs from Windows NT 3.51 that still run well under Windows 10:

Name   Size
calc icon calc.exe   54 KB
cdplayer icon cdplayer.exe   78 KB
charmap icon charmap.exe   52 KB
clock icon clock.exe   30 KB
control icon control.exe   41 KB
pbrush icon pbrush.exe   230 KB
perfmon icon perfmon.exe   176 KB
sndrec32 icon sndrec32.exe   106 KB
sol icon sol.exe   182 KB
telnet icon telnet.exe   66 KB
terminal icon terminal.exe   162 KB
winmine icon winmine.exe   36 KB

Cursory testing reveals that perennial-favorite time-wasting tool Freecell also works; just extract FREECELL.EXE and CARDS.DLL from the Windows NT 3.51 Workstation CD:

expand D:\I386\FREECELL.EX_ -r C:\Games
expand D:\i386\CARDS.DL_ -r C:\Games

/windows | Jul 27, 2020

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