Cloning a Bitlocker-encrypted disk #

Some options for cloning a Bitlocker-enabled system drive:


  1. TBWinPE does not include manage-bde.exe.

  2. Select "Read from Volume", which "allows things like the ability to see BitLocker volumes unencrypted" (if unselected, a sector-by-sector clone will be made, even if the Bitlocker partition was unlocked). Other options worth considering: Scale to Fit, Scale to Target, Align to Target, and Remove Gaps on Copy. Could not find an option or set of options that correctly resized a larger target; fixed with Paragon's Partition Manager Community Edition.

  3. A number of useful tools lie hidden beneath the surface: Explore > Quick Access Toolbar arrow > Save As > click the now-showing Save As button > This PC > X:

    right click desired tool > Open. You can also reveal the Menu Bar in the main menu via F10.

  4. If you missed the GUI prompt to unlock, make it reappear by clicking the SmartStart Wizard icon in the upper right hand corner (alternatively, run manage-bde -unlock inside cmd.exe).


/windows | Aug 19, 2020

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