Fiction books featuring a stoic protagonist #

who, as Arnold relates, "with equanimity surveys
Lustre of goodness, strife of passion, sloth
Of ignorance, not angry if they are,
Not wishful when they are not ... who sits
A sojourner and stranger in their midst
Unruffled, standing off, saying—serene—
When troubles break, 'These be the Qualities!'"

Title Character Author
Around the World in Eighty Days Phileas Fogg Verne
Foundation Salvor Hardin Asimov
A Gentleman in Moscow Alexander Rostov Towles
Knight Without Armour Ainsely Fothergill Hilton
Leave it to Psmith Ronald Psmith Wodehouse
A Man in Full Conrad Hensley Wolfe

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/misc | Aug 26, 2020

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