Amazon Order History Reports #

quietly ended on March 20, 2023. The initial notice on Amazon's Order History Reports page read:

Order History Reports will be unavailable after March 20, 2023

You can continue accessing your order history on Your Orders .

and now confirms:

Order History Reports are no longer available

You can continue accessing your order history on Your Orders .

Michael Tsai's Unhelpful Amazon Order Confirmation E-mails highlighted the behemoth's information-light missives; this move only adds insult to injury (apparently business accounts still have access to CSV order reports).

Two workarounds:

  1. Philip Mulcahy's open source Amazon Order History Reporter (Chrome Web Store). Tested successfully. If you find it useful too, consider donating to Princess Alice Hospice as requested by Philip:

    I share and work on this extension for free, but need donations to the linked hospice charity to be more proportional to the value commercial users are receiving. At the moment, the vast majority of donations appear to be from private/family users, not businesses, and the total amount donated is a tiny fraction of both the value of my donated time, and the value business are receiving.

  2. Amazon's Request My Data page, which includes options like "Your Orders", "Subscriptions", "Search History", "Customer Support Communication", and "Request All Your Data". Alas, as yet I cannot report on its efficacy:

    We've received and are processing your request to access your personal data.

    We will provide your information to you as soon as we can. Usually, this should not take more than a month [emphasis added]. In exceptional cases, for example if a request is more complex or if we are processing a high volume of requests, it might take longer, but if so we will notify you that there will be a delay.

    UPDATE 1: To their credit, Amazon:

    UPDATE 2: The "All Data" report took just under two weeks to arrive and included such arcana as "Digital.PrimeVideo.NotInterested.csv", "Amazon-Music/listening.csv", and "PhysicalStores.OrdersVisitsSurveys/datasets/WholeFoodsMarket.Orders/WholeFoodsMarket.Orders.csv" among many others (226 directories in root!).

/misc | Mar 25, 2023

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