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Concatenate multiple HTML files into a single EPUB file #

via Sigil:
  1. "File" > "Add" > "Existing Files..."
  2. select desired HTML files
  3. "File" > "Save As..." > set filename and destination for EPUB.
Since Kindle e-Readers inexplicably do not support EPUB, users can convert the generated EPUB file to MOBI with calibre:
  1. "Add books" > select desired EPUB file
  2. "Convert books" > Output format: "MOBI" > "OK"
  3. After conversion, right click title > "Open containing folder" > copy MOBI file to Kindle

UDPATE 1: Combine multiple HTML files into a single PRC ebook

UDPATE 2: Ken Turner's open source htmlcat Perl script (crafted back in 1998) still works great for combining any number of HTML files into a single one, which can be easily converted to other formats (e.g., MOBI via Amazon's KindleGen, etc).

/eink | Feb 26, 2015

E Ink word processor #

A few years ago, we shared how to turn your Kindle DX into an E Ink computer monitor. For those who prefer a simpler, all-in-one device, the Hemingwrite will offer: 6" E Ink screen, aluminum case, mechanical keyboard with customizable Cherry MX switches, and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.


Somewhat similar concept as the AlphaSmart, though E Ink and Cherry switches will be a huge upgrade. It would be nice to see more screen and less case in the top half of the device.

/eink | Oct 28, 2014

Kindle: Opening PRC files #

PSA: Some Kindle devices and app versions open PRC files just fine, but others require that the extension be changed from PRC to MOBI. More: .prc vs. .mobi | Are PRC and MOBI files identical?

/eink | Mar 09, 2014

13.3" E Ink tablet #

Sony is planning to release an A4-sized E Ink tablet later this year using E Ink's Mobius display. Until then, the Kindle DX makes a good computer monitor. (Note to hardware manufacturers: still waiting for a plug-and-play E Ink monitor for text-intensive tasks and perhaps even video/animation).

/eink | May 19, 2013

Rugged E Ink Android tablet for the backcountry #

Earl is an E Ink tablet built for outdoor use:

/eink | May 11, 2013

E Ink computer monitor #

Still waiting for an E Ink monitor? Use your Kindle DX as a second display.

Additional keywords for the bleary-eyed:

/eink | Apr 02, 2012

Combine multiple HTML files into a single PRC ebook #

and generate a table of contents automatically with Mobipocket Creator. Additional keywords: batch, concatenate, convert, HTML2PRC, Kindle.

UPDATE: Concatenate multiple HTML files into a single EPUB file

/eink | Dec 03, 2011

Optimizing PDFs for E Ink displays #


/eink | Oct 31, 2011

VNC client for Kindle #

KindleVNC allows not only remote viewing but also remote control of your computer running a VNC server. Very polished and well-thought-out. Tested with OS X's standard VNC server ("Screen Sharing" on port 5900). (via MobileRead)

/eink | Oct 02, 2011

Newly added to the Docs section #

Installing Luigi Rizzo's Standalone Kindle Terminal

/eink | Feb 25, 2011

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