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Batch convert TXT to PalmDOC (PDB) and back #

txt2pdbdoc "is a Unix-based Text-to-Doc file conversion program". I have compiled it for Windows using Cygwin: txt2pdbdoc.7z.*


C:\>txt2pdbdoc.exe [options] document_name file.txt file.pdb

Batch conversion:

C:\>for %f in (*.txt) do (txt2pdbdoc.exe %~nf %f %~nf.pdb)

* If you prefer compiling your own binary from source under Windows:

  1. Download and unzip txt2pdbdoc
  2. Install Cygwin with dev tools
  3. Run Cygwin and cd to txt2pdbdoc-master directory extracted in step 0
  4. $ autoreconf -fiv
  5. $ ./configure
  6. $ make
  7. txt2pdbdoc.exe will be created in the txt2pdbdoc-master\src directory

/palm | Nov 05, 2015

Yep, still updating the Palm OS apps... #

Stopwatch 2.0 [48k] Digital stopwatch for Palm OS 3.0 and higher.  Screenshot Download

/palm | Apr 06, 2012

Carve / extract resources from Palm PRC files #

Green Award prc2bin 1.0 [14k] + Takes a Pilot resource database (PRC) file and extracts each resource into a separate file.  Screenshot Download

/palm | Nov 14, 2011

Bluetooth Internet Sharing with Snow Leopard, Treo 755P, and Missing Sync #

It's easy to connect your Treo 755P to the Internet via Bluetooth thanks to Missing Sync for Palm OS. Just open "Internet Sharing Assistant" under Missing Sync's Help menu and follow the few simple steps for configuring the Treo. No need for enabling "Share my Internet connection with other Bluetooth devices" in System Preferences > Bluetooth > Advanced... or "Internet Sharing" in System Preferences > Sharing. The only caveat is that you may have to setuid on pppd (sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/pppd) to resolve Error: PPP Timeout (0x1231) when connecting. Be aware of the risk involved with setuid:
chmod u+s /usr/sbin/pppd

What this does is make pppd run with root privileges even if the binary is run by an ordinary user. This allows a normal user to run pppd with the necessary privileges to set up the network interfaces and the kernel routing table.

Programs that run 'set uid root' are potential security holes and you should be extremely cautious about making programs 'suid root'. A number of programs (including pppd) have been carefully written to minimize the danger of running suid root, so you should be safe with this one, (but no guarantees).

(from the Linux PPP HOWTO)
Once more:
Programs that use this bit must be carefully designed to be immune to buffer overrun attacks. Successful buffer overrun attacks on vulnerable applications allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code under the rights of the process being exploited. In the event a vulnerable process uses the setuid bit to run as root, the code will be executed with root privileges, in effect giving the attacker root access to the system on which the vulnerable process is running.

(from Wikipedia)
Tested under Missing Sync for Palm OS 6.0.6 and OS X 10.6.8. Additional keywords: reverse DUN, tethering.

/palm | Nov 08, 2011

Interval alarms for Palm OS #

UPDATE 1: Vinodh Kumar Markapuram kindly sent a copy of his Chimester app for posting at my request: UPDATE 2: Two more reminder apps from Redwood Creative Computing Company:

/palm | Nov 06, 2011

Migrate Palm Desktop calendar to iCal or Outlook #

dba2ics converts Windows Palm Desktop calendars (.dba/.dat/.mdb) to .ics, which can be easily imported into iCal, Outlook, etc.

While there is initially a GUI, it disappears while converting (a process which gobbles up all available CPU time). The conversion took about 10 minutes for a 1.5MB dba file.

Mac Palm Desktop users can simply export all datebook items by opening the calendar, selecting File > Export, and choosing "All Datebook items" and "vCal".

/palm | Feb 24, 2011

Two newly-listed Palm OS apps #

/palm | Jan 23, 2010

Missing Sync for Palm OS won't launch #

After installing Missing Sync for Palm OS 6.0.4 on Tiger 10.4.11, the application refused to launch. Its icon would simply bounce in the Dock for 20 seconds or so before crashing completely. The Console revealed this error:
Missing Sync for Palm OS[335] An uncaught exception was raised
Missing Sync for Palm OS[335] *** -[NSPlaceholderString initWithString:]: nil argument
fseventer did not turn up any clues as to where it might be hanging, so we made a new OS X user account; sure enough, Missing Sync worked fine there. We moved the old user data to the new user account, and everything worked beautifully. For a while.

After another hour or two worth of installs, data migration, etc, the same error returned. It took a nontrivial amount of time to finally isolate the culprit: the new user's Movies folder had been moved to an external hard drive and that drive was unmounted. When Missing Sync launched, it would crash if it could not find the Movies folder (even though syncing movies had been disabled earlier).

One final problem was with the Mark/Space Notebook: the categories imported just fine, but none of the memos. These instructions did the trick: Overwrite your desktop data with the handheld device. The process makes iSync (which normally doesn't offer an option for the handheld to overwrite the desktop) see all of the memos on the Palm as newer than those in Mark/Space Notebook, which it overwrites.

/palm | May 05, 2009

Newly-listed Palm app: AsciiChart #

AsciiChart 2.0.4 [17k] ASCII chart which displays decimal, octal and hexadecimal values for characters as well as their height and width.  Screenshot

/palm | Apr 12, 2009

Change Palm user name #

Palm has instructions (for now) on how to Change or delete your device's User Name. They recommend using Tools > Users > Rename inside of Palm Desktop for changing the user name. If you don't have access to Palm Desktop, you can change the Palm OS username on the device directly with Collin Mulliner's ChangeName.

/palm | Feb 16, 2009

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